My favorite music groups vs Millennials and Gen Z

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on August 29 2022 11:07 zulu

When I am either writing, coding, or working on one of my myriad projects, I have noticed these are the groups I return to again and again.

Not of sufficient interest to anyone; which, of course, I understand.

Everyone has favorite music bands, and no one cares. I am no different. I am certainly not special - yet - still - I have always thought that the more aligned the music preferences, the more aligned two personalities and the greatest probability for close friendship.

Meaning: I dislike the Beatles and 1960s culture, have no interest in Led Zeppelin, detest Madonna, and suffer headaches from ALL pop (non)musicians favored by the Milennial and Gen Z generations; instead, my Depeche Mode collection is over 200 releases, and I might have the largest assemblage of Visage CDs known...

...so I might not be among the top considerations for an obsess'd fan of classic 1960s music, who might not appreciate my ADMIRATION of Ronan Harris' (gifted) compositional work in VNV Nation (try 'Illusion' beautiful... or 'When is the Future').


The favorite bands of an aging Gen-Xer


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