This 4th of July - Burn the CCP Flag

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on January 19 2021 10:04 zulu

I cannot emphasize that the people of China deserve no animosity - with each interaction, I have been overwhelmed by the friendliness and courtesy of the Chinese people.


The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on the other... the world ignores their oppression of Hong Kong.

So, I created this graphic for anyone to use. Purchase a cheap Chinese flag; symbol of the CCP, and on the 4th of July 2021, BURN IT as a message to the Chinese Communist Party:

"... continue your arrogance toward the United States and Hong Kong... first your flag & then you..."

Larger ->More...


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I Profoundly Abhor Communism

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on January 19 2021 09:16 zulu

A graphic I created while once again watching the film "V for Vendetta". I will not participate in discussions about Individualism and Communism; since the discussion would a nonsensical comparison between Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi and a latrine overflowing with faeces.



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First Movie Correction - The French in Sherlock Holmes

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on January 18 2021 11:10 zulu

I actually wrote a "Goof" entry on IMDB.

I ignore mistakes in movies; if the narrative delivers entertainment, I consider errors moments of creative license.

Yet, while watching the superior 2009 "Sherlock Holmes" - superior in that Robert Downey Jr., elevates any film - I heard the French giant approach Holmes and ask, "You missed me?", yet what he said in French was "Do I miss you?".More...


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Stephen King Is Quite An Accomplished Comedian

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on January 14 2021 08:50 zulu

I am quite excited, after I have finished the tome, to write about Stephen King's experiment in comedic absurdism. While "Danse Macabre" offered intriguing analyses of the horror genre, his work "On Writing" is overflowing with risible satire camouflaged as the "right way to write".More...


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The Absence of Strategy empowered the censorship of BIG TECH

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on January 13 2021 14:46 zulu

So how was the fight against election fraud a failure?


Since the November 2020 election, the conflict against alleged fraud has been conducted with nonsensical incompetence.

The January inauguration represents not the triumph of Joe Biden - a fraudulent triumph is still a loss - rather, the chaotic ineptitude of his opposition; President Trump et al., who pursued justice with complete - no, transcendent - absence of strategy, coordination, and persuasion.

Expressing such a judgement will; I am certain, elicit the outrage of reactionaries & the rapture of demagogues.

→ Truth is not vindicated through outrage or hope.



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by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on January 12 2021 18:32 zulu


As I write, the date is January 12th 2021 10:16AM; and for five days the members of certain infamous forums have been auspicious, anticipatory and aggressive that President Donald Trump will soon deliver an address from Texas - that I suspect will be more redress - during which the larceny of an election will be announced a failure...

... and the Seventh Seal will be broken by QAnon as their voices sound "Trust the Plan".


THEIR ASSERTION: "CREDIBLE"; if not authoritative, sources have revealed that during the impending January 12th disclosure President Trump WILL - absolutely WILL:More...


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by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on January 12 2021 16:13 zulu


I despise the State, that is to write Government, with an unyielding malevolence; and will never submit to this worship of government as paternal guardian.

But these actions do not violate the First Amendment -

Since the January 6th 2021 protests, less than one day into which 'intrepid patriots' abandoned all courage to run away, the most influential social media platforms - collectively 'BIG TECH' - have banned President Trump: Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Spotify, Twitch, Shopify and Stripe.More...


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Time Is Far More Dispassionate Predator Than Men Like Bezos

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on January 12 2021 10:31 zulu

I have never understood men as Jeff Bezos. They pass through life with the conviction that influence and control will stay inexorable Mortality.


Yet as I read various chronicles of history, people like Bezos are forgotten; and of the very few remembered, their names are mere trivia, and their accomplishments nothing more than a few unread and insignificant passages within some decayed book.



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Hey Left, thanks for the idea

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on December 05 2020 13:00 zulu

Hey Lefties... thanks for the Idea! (made this so no rights worries)



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Some Pre-Made Stock Responses

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on November 21 2020 09:08 zulu

When dealing with triggered snowflakes & the enraged outraged on social media platforms, I decided taking more than a few seconds in response would be a waste of my time; so, I created a series of "stock responses" to post instead.

I tried to write responses original to me, based on the images I found.


A few of them are:







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The LEFT'S version of free speech

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on November 20 2020 09:00 zulu

Google and Twitter censoring speech and locking the accounts of all dissenting from the LEFTIST doctrine - Bill Gates citing free speech as a problem to be restrained - well, I made a graphic expressing the LEFT'S version of FREE SPEECH.

Bill Gates' quote:

Larger Version More...


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One of my personal doctrines of leadership

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on November 17 2020 10:24 zulu

One of my personal doctrines of leadership is:


Within a team, the leader is not there to control others; rather, the leader is there to ensure the team has the opportunities to do their best.


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My updated poster for Carpenter's THEY LIVE

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on November 14 2020 13:17 zulu

Just finished watching Carpenter's "They Live", and decided to create my own updated version of the movie poster.

The movie poster I found...


The one I created:More...


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The LEFT are keeping Lists

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on November 14 2020 10:07 zulu

In Headlines this November 2020:

"While Joe Biden preaches peace, his Democratic comrades make lists to punish Trump supporters during his presidency"


So, I quickly made a poster for that "LIST".


Larger Version: More...


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My political compass reveals leadership style

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on November 13 2020 16:16 zulu

I have never been concerned with others knowing my political compass; since, I believe the most effective leaders to be libertarian - sincerely, others could do no better than a libertarian in a position of authority.


I believe that my Leadership Style and Values must be common among libertarians:

>    Leads by example; not claims or assertions ('trust me')

>    Neither authoritarian nor manipulative

>    Concerned with solutions; not blame

>    Leads others; no interest in controling others

>    Will NOT micro-manage or surveille - the team must be trusted

>    No hesitation to speak opinion with complete sincerity

>    Judges personal success by success of employees and team members

>    Egalitarian work environment More...


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