Amazon.com Illuminati Symbol

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on April 15 2022 12:48 zulu

I am not one for conspiratorial esoterica - I consider the New World Order to be the authoritarian ambitions of political sociopaths to re-establish a global vassalage - however while reading through the amazon.com landing page source code, I discovered:


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Switched to Yandex.com Search

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on April 03 2022 13:01 zulu

As a 30-year coder and architect, I recognize rule-based filtering and censorship in systems; so, I have removed both Google (Google motto: the NSA appreciates your compliance) and Bing (Microsoft Bing: the search engine the world uses by accident) as search-engine choices and switched to Yandex.com

Yes, you read that correctly: The Russian Yandex has become the most trustworthy and open search-engine.


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Hilarious Spam Extortion Attempts - Some Suggestions

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on October 06 2021 12:41 zulu

For a few years, I have received email variations on this common spammed-attempt at extortion; and as I cheerfully delete each one, I muse to myself '...sure, yeah, you go ahead and do that - knock yourself out..."


Yet, considering the persistence of these mass-spammed messages over the years, I must assume there is some measure of success.

If I were asked for advice: ignore these messages, and understand that maintaining hyper-vigilant paranoia while using any network-connected device - whether wi-fi or More...


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by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on August 04 2021 11:21 zulu


Read what I wrote in French and then Google's unnatural-language processed translation, and compare to a PROPER translation.


I understand this might read pedantic; and I have more than enough humility & agree, yet I have passions for linguistics and natural-language processing; so, have patience - I am offering you some advice to avoid humiliation resultant Google's - ahem - 'translations' (see the image at the end of this entry)... More...


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Lowering the bar - example of modern coding by microsoft

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on April 28 2021 02:15 zulu

THIS HAS BECOME THE MODEL FOR WRITTEN CODE (see the three images in this article).

Before inclusion into my projects, I inspect the code of others' published frameworks; even if I must decompile the assembly and run obfuscation-reversal utilities.

For what reason?

Well, take this non-sensical feast of vulnerability spaghetti, written by Microsoft GITHUB to satisfy the most undiscerning script-kiddie consumer!

Need I imagine where this embarrassment was written?

One of the salient justifications for NOT using others' "professionally written" code.


The first image is a typical example from Microsoft's GITHUB framework (with my comments as callouts).More...


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My Cursorily Written Thoughts on A.I.

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on September 06 2018 01:45 zulu


For over a decade, I have opposed the propaganda about A.I. My conclusions are evident in my Facebook respose, however cursorily written, from January 31st of this year (or a date close to that):

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