What is government

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on June 11 2021 07:44 zulu

What is government - the mob also promises protection for compliance, and punishment for defiance - but unlike the mob, the state is a criminal organization with a military…

And no accountability for murdering you.



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by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on June 11 2021 03:38 zulu

I abhor the concept of GLOBALISM, MULTI-CULTURALISM; yet not out of biases - no - rather - the ambitions of multi-culturalism would result in a homogeneity of human philosophy and innovation - how tragic and potentially species-ending would be those losses - since the variate, often diametric, perspectives of dissimilar cultures are the geneses of advancements that contrasting cultures would not have made, and contrariwise.

Even worse, such global homogeneity extinguishes all development of coexistent cultures, and prohibits the formation of new cultures; creating a collective intolerance of differences. That is to write, a universal acceptance of democide to preserve the uniculture for the global good.

Well Explains Why I am neither right nor left wing

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on April 27 2021 03:00 zulu

My 'Political Compass' results reveal quite well my disassociation with the LEFT and RIGHT wings (see image). 

For WHAT reason should the masses be SO OPPOSED to self-determination and personal responsibility?More...

The Fallacies of Voting ID Opponents

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on April 13 2021 06:53 zulu

Oh the uninspired Fallacies of Voting ID Opponents - the simplicity of simple-minded PREVARICATORS, SO EASILY DEFEATED.

Since I was already writing, I spent - at most - 14-minutes imagining and drawing a voter identification process using existing, and free, federal requirements.

(small version; a readable version is at the end of this entry) More...


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conceits on the Self

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on April 12 2021 05:27 zulu

To the misfortunate reader suffering my conceits on the Self, I offer no apology that I am ALWAYS ebullient, even intoxicated, when I have left some sanctimonious collectivist to suffer paroxysms of red-faced outrage.More...


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Double All Student Loan Debt as a Tax on Stupidity

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on April 08 2021 04:12 zulu

From opportunistic politicians to the useless masses of over-indulged students, these blights upon mankind demand all college education made free through taxpayers' work - "work", a concept unknown to both the aforementioned - and all existing debt nullified.More...


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No You Are Not a Hero and We are not In this together

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on April 08 2021 02:45 zulu


No and no.

Again and again and again businesses must append contrived sentiments of 'heroism' to their products. How pathetic these companies promoting campaigns of consumer manipulation and retail auto-eroticism; wherein everyone from mask-wearing, self-righteous beldams to physicians' front-desk administrators are portrayed as intrepid heroes, sacrificing their mortality to selflessly move among the plague-ridden masses...


No. Although tragic, this is not The Plague.

Just another opportunity for narcissists to justify their authoritarian hypochondria.

Just another opportunity for harridans to assuage their empty lives by controlling the lives of others.More...


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Tantrum and revisionism are not awarded...

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on February 07 2021 03:48 zulu

The 'Newspeak' image below -  insanity - no, not a prop from the film '1984'; rather, the delusion of the Left, of Progressives - the continuance of their redistributive circle-jerk.


The Left has not yet understood: they intimidate no one, but amuse most. They cry louder yet hear only the echo of apathy... 

... but I will play the part of your audience.More...


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Thirty-One Years This Month

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on February 02 2021 00:16 zulu

This month, married 31-years.


For the Worshippers of Absurdities, indulge my toxic alpha-malesplanation:

I have been engaged in a contractual gender binary campaign with the willing victim of my patriarchal oppression for 31 (count all your fingers three times, and on the fourth time, only your thumb) years.

I understand this must be soul-dispairing for the 'Social-Progressive', whose only devoted and true life-partner can be identified with the phrase, "... please raise your right hand..."


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This 4th of July - Burn the CCP Flag

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on January 19 2021 10:04 zulu

I cannot emphasize that the people of China deserve no animosity - with each interaction, I have been overwhelmed by the friendliness and courtesy of the Chinese people.

... the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on the other... the world ignores their oppression of Hong Kong, an offense the populace of Hong Kong will not forget.

So, I created this graphic for anyone to use. Purchase a cheap Chinese flag; symbol of the CCP, and on the 4th of July 2021, BURN IT as a message to the Chinese Communist Party:

"... continue your arrogance toward the United States and Hong Kong... first your flag & then YOU..."

Larger ->More...


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I Profoundly Abhor Communism

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on January 19 2021 09:16 zulu

A graphic I created while once again watching the film "V for Vendetta". I will not participate in discussions about Individualism and Communism; since the discussion would a nonsensical comparison between Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi and a latrine overflowing with faeces.



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First Movie Correction - The French in Sherlock Holmes

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on January 18 2021 11:10 zulu

I actually wrote a "Goof" entry on IMDB.

I ignore mistakes in movies; if the narrative delivers entertainment, I consider errors moments of creative license.

Yet, while watching the superior 2009 "Sherlock Holmes" - superior in that Robert Downey Jr., elevates any film - I heard the French giant approach Holmes and ask, "You missed me?", yet what he said in French was "Do I miss you?".More...


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Stephen King Is Quite An Accomplished Comedian

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on January 14 2021 08:50 zulu

I am quite excited, after I have finished the tome, to write about Stephen King's experiment in comedic absurdism. While "Danse Macabre" offered intriguing analyses of the horror genre, his work "On Writing" overflows with risible satire camouflaged as the "right way to write".More...


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Absence of Strategy empowered BIG TECH censorship

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on January 13 2021 14:46 zulu

So how was the fight against election fraud a failure?


Since the November 2020 election, the conflict against alleged fraud has been conducted with nonsensical incompetence.

The January inauguration represents not the triumph of Joe Biden - a fraudulent triumph is still a loss - rather, the chaotic ineptitude of his opposition; President Trump et al., who pursued justice with complete - no, transcendent - absence of strategy, coordination, and persuasion.

Expressing such a judgement will; I am certain, elicit the outrage of reactionaries & the rapture of demagogues.

→ Truth is not vindicated through outrage or hope.



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Time Is Far More Dispassionate Predator Than Men Like Bezos

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on January 12 2021 10:31 zulu

I have never understood men as Jeff Bezos. They pass through life with the conviction that influence and control will stay inexorable Mortality.


Yet as I read various chronicles of history, people like Bezos are forgotten; and of the very few remembered, their names are mere trivia, and their accomplishments nothing more than a few unread and insignificant passages within some decayed book.



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