For Family Part 3 Updated Photograph Requested

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on May 23 2021 05:47 zulu

To all who know my age: tiguidou! et ouais, bien sûr, moi, j'continuais à vieillir comme tous les mecs - mais... comment l'écrire... juste un peu plus - plutôt plus que moins - lentement (sourire diabolique).


For Family Part 3: Updated Photograph Requested; so, Noelle provided this one - her criterion was, '... your eyes matched your shirt!' (um, exciting... yeah... just right-click, then 'save as'). As soon as I find a photograph Noelle does not seem to 'hate', I will upload one of her - she looks no different from those in Part II.

Again, only a twisted mind would have requested a 'close-up'; nonetheless, once saved to your PC, please do not zoom into this photograph to see my greying locks and flaws (...& they be many, both that is to write). Certainly, zoom-in and study the image; no filter enhancement or flaw-concealing technique was used. All my pores and epidermal hairlines are there.


As well, 4 out of 5 physicians agree that this photo may be used as a visual emetic - LNDL.

L. Nicholas de Lioncourt 2021-05-11

L. Nicholas de Lioncourt - photo taken by wife on 2021 05 11 (Since then, I have allowed my hair to extend over my shoulders. If you all want to see that - why? - send a message to the usual address.)


reminder: the previous set of photographs:

l. nicholas de lioncourt and noelle de lioncourt part 1


l. nicholas de lioncourt and noelle de lioncourt part 2


l. nicholas de lioncourt in 1988


other photos might follow...


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