Our judiciary has long metastisized

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on June 20 2022 04:33 zulu

Our judiciary has long metastisized into a withering cancer upon our Rights. We are the Land of the Guilty. Home of the Incarcerated. Kingdom of the Priviledged Elite.

Over the months, the years, passed; I have watched as Hunter Biden et al., extorted foreign businesses without deleterious reprisal, committed offenses that would secure a life sentence of federal incarceration for the common citizen, and participate in illegalities for which the FBI, the ATF and NSA would persecute a trangressor to suicide; and yet - yet - Hunter Biden lives without concern, without restraint, without hardship, without accountability.

While Edward Snowden lives in exile. While they who dared approach the U.S., Capitol; that tax-funded, inviolable Sanctuary of the Aristocracy, on January 6th decline in political prisons.

If we, that is to write the populace not born into the cabal of judicial and political amnesty, attempt to so much as defend ourselves against imputation, the United States courts has established such massive and uncountable regulations and statutes that we could be condemned for merely resisting others' accusations.

The records of history warn that these are the conditions; if left unmitigated, which compel the people to revolution.


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