Twitter Coterie Against Elon Musk

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on April 10 2022 06:25 zulu

Elon Musk bought 9% in Twitter, yet refused the board seat offered - in my opinion, Twitter's duplicitous strategy to impede Elon Musk's further ambitions - I consider his refusal acumen: if Musk is as extreme an INTJ as I (my repeated scores: I 99% N 98% T 97% J 98%), he might develop a surreptitious approach to forcefully take over Twitter.

When Parag Agrawal was announced as Dorsey's successor as CEO, I predicted his dearth of leadership would see him removed within the year; and now, I write with confidence that Elon Musk will soon remove Agrawal without reserve - as well as the insufferable leftist, Vijaya Gadde. Her histrionic sociopathy ensured the end of that career.

Were I in Elon Musk's position, I would first secure the legal action to rescind their 'golden parachutes'.


[UPDATE October 29 2022] What I wrote last April 9th, almost seven months ago, was right. Just yesterday, October 28, 2022, Elon Musk assumed control of Twitter and the leftist imceciles I mentioned...

Two imbeciles fired


... To be precise, I am an extreme INTJ-A personality.

What my Enneagram might be; pas une fichue chose, nope, I know nothing of that assessment.

I know my MBTI INTJ-A personality type since I have been tested five or six times during my corporate careers, and each time, scored the same - not even my percentages altered over the years.

My wife... she is an ISFP-T personality type. Now that is a pair, an INTJ married to an ISFP!


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