Warning - Bad Service @ Dr. Brenda Armenti-Kapros

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on January 20 2019 06:36 zulu


Hanover Endocrinology

Hanover Endocrinology Associates

"Dr." Brenda Armenti-Kapros

endocrinologist ("by claim")

Mechanicsville, Virginia


I have not before written bad review for a doctor, but the vicious treatment my wife and I received at "Hanover Endocrinology Associates of Mechanicsville, Virginia" and by Dr. Brenda Armenti-Kapros was reprehensible.

I arrived on time for my appointment and informed the receptionist I was a returning customer.

The receptionist asked when was my last appointment, to which I answered "four-years ago".

The receptionist replied, "oh then, see, you have to fill out all new paperwork 'cause the old paperwork is gone. We only keep it three-years".

Since the receptionist's attitude was dismissive and curt, I informed her that HIPAA requires five-years onsite and then storage in perpetuity.

The receptionist's conduct turned aggressively combative, she said, "No, it's three-years. Gimme your driver's license, insurance card, sit down and fill out the paperwork."

The paperwork was half-complete, when I overheard my wife trying to schedule an appointment.

The receptionist derided my wife that, "... you can't just come in here and say 'somethin's wrong', please treat me."

My wife maintained pleasantries, but the receptionist reprimanded my wife like a child. My wife tried to tell the receptionist that her primary care was the specialist 20-feet across from them.

I approached the two and asked the receptionist, "Then how am I being seen? I don't have a referal".

The receptionist went into a diatribe; insulting us, and then announced she was seeing the office manager.

The receptionist returned, no office manager. I demanded she join and she did. She was pleasant and kind; however, she thought HIPAA was "4-years". The receptionist yelled "3-years!". I calmly said "no, 5-years. I write medical PIR systems."

The kind office manager asked what could be done for us as apology; suddenly Dr. Brenda Armenti-Kapros rushed into the office, rushing at me.

Dr. Brenda Armenti-Kapros' anger and insolence was premeditated. She knew nothing of the situation yet was nearly leaning over the wall to position herself in my face. Her eyes were cruel. She spoke through her teeth. My wife later confessed Dr. Brenda Armenti-Kapros' expression and body language sent a clear message of malice.

Dr. Brenda Armenti-Kapros' implied we were liars and ignorant. Each time I countered Dr. Brenda Armenti-Kapros' accusations with knowledge she could not deny, she became more malicious.

I realized Dr. Brenda Armenti-Kapros ego's "hot-button" was her unmerited belief that no one was more intelligent than she, yet - YET - she was losing every attack and accusation TO ME, revealing the void behind her narcissism! The nice office manager could only observe with disbelief... and, Noelle and I noticed, a half-smile.

I then informed Dr. Brenda Armenti-Kapros that since Virginia's recording law was "one-party notification", I was going to record the rest. Then the final insult came; in an attempt for only me to hear, Dr. Brenda Armenti-Kapros expressed some obscene prjoratives under her breath.

I responded in kind to her, to which she assumed the expression of "deer-in-headlight". No one, no patient, should be abused like that. We left.

A shame.


I might have lingered if Ms. Brenda Armenti-Kapros offered a moment of competent opposition; unfortunately, conceited gyneco-misandry never offers one - never has - only repulsively-flushed, bloated-face tantrums.


>> I stand by the integrity of what I have written; thus, it is illegal to force - whether by demand or intimidation - the removal of an unfavorable review.





... I confess that Ms. Brenda Armenti-Kapros was the antithesis of intelligence; notwithstanding her façade of narcissism, she was neither an intimidation nor a challenge - I felt both amused and bored while defending myself against yet another overly-indulged child.


Warning to potential patients

Bad Service @ Dr. Brenda Armenti-Kapros

Warning to potential patients

Bad Service @ Dr. Brenda Armenti-Kapros

Warning to potential patients

Bad Service @ Dr. Brenda Armenti-Kapros

Sunday, January 20, 2019 · 07:10 zulu #

My brother saw her about 2 years ago and he said he would never go back Bill P Hanover VA

Bill P United States

Sunday, January 20, 2019 · 07:12 zulu #

read your post. yea I remember her to, real mean and snotty.   cheers XXJASONXX

XXJASONXX United States

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