Microsoft Bing Censorship - Evidence

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on November 13 2021 14:23 zulu

Microsoft Bing, the world's #1 search engine... used by accident.

How malicious is Microsoft Bing's Censorship? I appear on the Official Search Engines of Russia, Yandex and of China, Baidu!

Not Bing.

Microsoft Bing's pathetic 2.47 percent market share... humiliating

Just as the many 100,000s+ of others; I have incurred Microsoft Bing's censorship wrath, and received the prestigious DEINDEXING AWARD.

My transgression: defiance against Microsoft's Authoritarian Woke Propaganda. Yes, Microsoft Bing openly admits to being a CONTENT EDITOR, not a site indexer.

Oh! Whatever shall I do without the Bing.com 2.47% market share... 2.47% and falling each year.

Microsoft Bing's pathetic and ever-falling 2.47% market share... humiliating
Microsoft Bing's pathetic and ever-falling 2.47 percent market share... humiliating

Microsoft is the most successful FAILURE that continues toward inexorable obsolescence; nonetheless, I wear my CENSORSHIP DEINDEXING with pride.

Microsoft, does your system have a 'PERMANENT' Boolean setting that might be set to 'TRUE' for me?

Microsoft, does your imbecility not realize that your action is concession of both my influence and threat against the Leftist Agenda?

Evidence of Microsoft Bings Censorship


Only under Leftist Technocracy could a site appear in the official search engine of China, yet not the U.S. Still, thank you, China, for recognizing Freedom of Speech; perhaps Baidu should explain this concept to Microsoft, while demonstrating how to write a GOOD search engine (I would commit hypocrisy if I did not admit to being impressed with Baidu's accuracy).

The Official Search Engine of China, Baidu
The Official Search Engine of China, Baidu. Thank you, Baidu, for including me.

Yet what more might one expect of Microsoft, a company founded on intellectual theft and whose products rely on the plagiarism of others' innovations. Of note, Yandex is also superior to the laughable Bing.


And to help Bing.com with censorship, I added the following to my robots.txt:

User-agent: Bingbot
User-agent: AdIdxBot
User-agent: BingPreview
Disallow: /



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