A man I admire, Dr. Thomas Sowell

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on August 08 2021 01:42 zulu

Dr. Thomas Sowell

Writing with sincerity; although my passions do not lie in economics, for more years than my aging should confess, I have admired the contemplative intelligence, personal history, and inspiration of Thomas Sowell. I own his books. I have read his books; and then, read them again (recommended starts: 'The Thomas Sowell Reader' and 'A Personal Odyssey').

My profound respect for him is beyond expression. What a gift to mankind he is.

He embodies an egalitarian self-determination to which we should aspire.

Dr. Thomas Sowell


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by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on August 04 2021 11:21 zulu


Read what I wrote in French and then Google's unnatural-language processed translation, and compare to a PROPER translation.


I understand this might read pedantic; and I have more than enough humility & agree, yet I have passions for linguistics and natural-language processing; so, have patience - I am offering you some advice to avoid humiliation resultant Google's - ahem - 'translations' (see the image at the end of this entry)... More...


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I enjoy hiding unexpected messages

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on July 22 2021 02:14 zulu

I enjoy hiding unexpected messages in my professional pages; no one notices; for example, the Privacy Policy (even the Terms of Use).


Lowering the bar - example of modern coding by microsoft

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on April 28 2021 02:15 zulu

THIS HAS BECOME THE MODEL FOR WRITTEN CODE (see the three images in this article).

Before inclusion into my projects, I inspect the code of others' published frameworks; even if I must decompile the assembly and run obfuscation-reversal utilities.

For what reason?

Well, take this non-sensical feast of vulnerability spaghetti, written by Microsoft GITHUB to satisfy the most undiscerning script-kiddie consumer!

Need I imagine where this embarrassment was written?

One of the salient justifications for NOT using others' "professionally written" code.


The first image is a typical example from Microsoft's GITHUB framework (with my comments as callouts).More...


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One of my personal doctrines of leadership

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on November 17 2020 10:24 zulu

One of my personal doctrines of leadership is:


Within a team, the leader is not there to control others; rather, the leader is there to ensure the team has the opportunities to do their best.


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My political compass reveals leadership style

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on November 13 2020 16:16 zulu

I have never been concerned with others knowing my political compass; since, I believe the most effective leaders to be libertarian - sincerely, others could do no better than a libertarian in a position of authority.


I believe that my Leadership Style and Values must be common among libertarians:

>    Leads by example; not claims or assertions ('trust me')

>    Neither authoritarian nor manipulative

>    Concerned with solutions; not blame

>    Leads others; no interest in controling others

>    Will NOT micro-manage or surveille - the team must be trusted

>    No hesitation to speak opinion with complete sincerity

>    Judges personal success by success of employees and team members

>    Egalitarian work environment More...


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In the Studio 1988

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on August 26 2020 05:37 zulu

Yes, that is I - l.nicholas de lioncourt - in the archetypal 1980s digital synthesis studio, late 1989 to be precise. At the end of this entry, I have listed the equipment in this photograph.

My favorite? My Yamaha DX-7 II-D. Second Favorite, E-mu Emulator II+


l. nicholas de lioncourt in the studio 1988



360 Systems 8x8 MIDI Router Patcher
Akai MD280 and S-612
Cakewalk 2.0A 1988 Update (software)
Casio CZ-101
Casio RZ1
Deltalab Effectron ADM 1024 Digital Delay
DOD R-431 C Series 31-Band Graphic Equalizer
E-mu Emulator II+
Ensoniq Mirage DMS-8 Hybrid Synth
FB-01 Multitimbral Digital FM Synth Module
Kawai MX-8R Stereo Keyboard Mixer
Korg DVP1 Vocoder
Korg KMS-30 MIDI Synchronizer
Roland D-50 (far right, not in photo)
Roland MKS-70 (not in photo)
Roland TR-808
Yamaha DX21
Yamaha DX-7 II-D
Yamaha MT1X Multitrack Cassette Recorder
Yamaha RX-17
Yamaha SPX90 Digital multi-effect processor
Yamaha TX81Z
... and a Commodore 64



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