My political compass reveals leadership style

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on November 13 2020 16:16 zulu

I have never been concerned with others knowing my political compass; since, I believe the most effective leaders to be libertarian - sincerely, others could do no better than a libertarian in a position of authority.


I believe that my Leadership Style and Values must be common among libertarians:

>    Leads by example; not claims or assertions ('trust me')

>    Neither authoritarian nor manipulative

>    Concerned with solutions; not blame

>    Leads others; no interest in controling others

>    Will NOT micro-manage or surveille - the team must be trusted

>    No hesitation to speak opinion with complete sincerity

>    Judges personal success by success of employees and team members

>    Egalitarian work environment

>    Very accepting of others notwithstanding appearance, culture, or social class

>    Places importance on balance between work and home

>    Promotes close work relationships based on trust and openness

>    Professional pride based on inner success, not titles or authority

>    Hires based on self-motivation and future potential

>    Leads by compassionate integrity; never by fear

>    Promotes innovation, originality; not processes and procedures

>    Values individuality

>    Will not promote office politics

>    Will FALL ON OWN SWORD to protect employees and team (I have)


There are trade-offs with my Leadership style:

>    Will not 'manage upwards'

>    Will not hesitate to remove a duplicituous associate

>    Will always do what is right; not what is told

>    Can be very protective of employees and team members

>    Rules are for guidance; not constraint

>    Will not participate in 'covering up' failures

>    Will challenge STATUS QUO when necessary

>    Values principles; not political correctness

>    Leadership style conflits with traditional middle managers

>    Will not abandon ethics or convictions for others, to fit in

>    Not intimidated by executive titles or manipulative associates

>    Can often seem too calm during a crisis




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